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President Obama Impersonator Inspires 'The Audacity of Louis Ortiz' Documentary

Louis Ortiz, actor, entertainer and Obama impersonator, has been shaking hands, kissing babies, and yes, even making money in a slumping economy thanks to his uncanny resemblance to President Obama. Louis has drawn the attention of many local and national media outlets, and he is now being followed by filmmaker Ryan Murdock who is working on his documentary, "The Audacity of Louis Ortiz."

Bronx-born Louis Ortiz, an out-of-work former field technician for Verizon, never dreamed a Puerto Rican kid from Morris Park could find fame and fortune as a presidential lookalike.

It all started during the presidential campaign, when a few of his friends told him he looked like Obama and he should change his appearance to make the resemblance even bigger. It was a bartender friend who convinced him to shave his goatee and use his ears to his advantage. After playing the part for his friends he started getting attention from people and the local news, so he decided he should try his luck and go to the Inaugural Day in Washington, DC. During the Latino Inaugural Gala, Louis was interviewed by Boston Latino TV, the special coverage got thousands of hits, and he was being recognized by people all over the world as the best Obama impersonator in matter of weeks. A booking agent found the clip and contacted BLTV to get a hold on Ortiz, they were looking for an Obama look-alike to play a role in a commercial in South Korea. Connections were made and the rest is history.

Ortiz has signed on with a talent agency and his presidential impersonation is earning him fame and fortune. Ortiz made his acting debut on cable TV, where he played a bit part - as an Obama lookalike - on the HBO comedy "Flight of the Conchords." His many appearances in media outlets include an interview at Early News in CBS, a spread coverage in the New York Post,  the interview of Boston Latino TV from Washington DC at the Latino Inaugural Gala, a radio interview in "This American Life", and press coverage at the Huffington Post, among others.

Ryan Murdock has been documenting Ortiz's story since May 2011 and has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help finance his film, "The Audacity Of Louis Ortiz" to document Ortiz's unique story of what it's like to struggle in America, as he continues to parallel the real Obama's battle for the White House in the crucial months ahead.