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The Bourne Legacy (Movie Review)

There's a saying that goes "The third time's the charm".  Applying that rule to the Jason Bourne films, Hollywood should have simply enjoyed the popular acclaim and profits of the previous three installments starring Matt Damon and simply walked away from the table with it's pockets full and the franchise's reputation untarnished.

Batman: Dark Knight Rises (Video Review)

Rare is the film these days that can leave one feeling equal parts thrillingly exhilarated, emotionally exhausted and satisfyingly satiated by it's well crafted and nuanced plot line, action sequences and performances.  Even more rare is to find such qualities in a summer blockbuster of the superhero genre where spectacular CGI special effects, colorful spandex outfits and clever wise-ass dialogue often rule the screenplay with frequently mixed results.  

Boston Latino TV Celebrated the 5th Annual Access Awards

Boston, MA – Over 500 guests were in attendance at the 5th annual celebration of the Boston Latino TV Access Awards on Thursday, June 28, 2012, at Royale Nightclub. The Access Awards gathered representatives of the most important ethnic media outlets, professional and non-profit organizations, business owners and elected officials for a night of networking, inspiration and fun.

The Amazing Spider-Man (Movie Review)

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is a re-booted, re-vamped, re-imagined retread of many of the same elements that director Sam Raimi more effectively brought to the screen 10 years ago when he first spun the tale of Marvel Comics' famed web-slinger. The burning question moviegoers need to ask themselves when seeing this film is; did we really, REALLY need this reboot that's more of a tired retread of familiar ground that we've already seen before?

Disney-Pixar's Brave (Movie Review)

The famed animation studio Pixar, both literally and figuratively, hits a well-deserved bull's-eye with the release of it's 13th animated feature, "Brave".  Although this tale of a beautiful, scarlet-maned Scottish princess may, in some ways, smack of safer, more familiar territory most often identified with Disney tropes; it still manages to deliver solid evidence that the mouse factory's corporate partner is regaining it's creative mojo following it's supremely disappointing last offering, Cars 2.

Gov. Deval Patrick to attend the 2012 Access Awards

Boston, MA - The Honorable Deval L. Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts, has confirmed his attendance at the 5th Annual Boston Latino TV Access Awards. Our gala became the first Latino event ever to be attended by a Massachusetts Governor when the honorable Deval L. Patrick joined the celebration on May 28th of 2009 and proclaimed the “Latino Media Day” at the 2nd Annual Boston Latino TV Access Awards.

Rock of Ages (Movie Review)

The musical anthem of "sex, drugs and rock n' roll" once famously defined much of the 80's heavy metal music scene.  But, in the new film "Rock of Ages", that defiant code of excess gets watered down to PG-13 status garnering some heavily mixed results. Overall "Rock of Ages" plays like one long evening of rock and roll karaoke.  But, of course, come people like karaoke and if you're forewarned about that going into this film; then you might just enjoy it after all.

TNT's Dallas actresses Jordana Brewster and Julie Gonzalo interview

The new incarnation of "Dallas" debuts Wednesday, June 13th with a two-hour premiere episode, followed every Wednesday night with new installments on TNT at 9 PM, EST. Recently, both actresses, both Latina in heritage, came to Boston to promote the series and talk about working with the original cast; as well as their own careers and views of being Latina actresses in Hollywood.

Snow White and the Huntsman (Movie Review)

Universal's dark twist on the fairy tale story of Snow White in the new film, "Snow White and the Huntsman" certainly starts off promisingly enough; thanks in large part to Charlize Theron's malevolent portrayal of the evil queen, Ravenna.  Theron's beautiful and youth obsessed monarch with a vanity mirror fetish is truly the best thing about this initially welcome cinematic flip on the squeaky clean Disney-fied image of Snow White.

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